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WTF is Bells Palsy

So after stressing out about finding a job and finally landing one, guess what happens to me? I woke up one morning and my face felt weird.  I thought I was having an allergic reaction.  My tongue was swollen and my eye was hurting me. I didn't really think anything of it since I had these feelings previously while I was going thru my chemo process. I went to bed and the next day the whole left side of my face was numb. Panic attack was setting in and I was scrambling for my phone for google...LOL.  Google brought me to a mini stroke since that is a huge possibility for me or even better a blood clot that went to the brain. It was a boating day with my kids and my love. I didn't want to cancel so we went boating and had a great time. I came home and now it was getting worse plus I was sunburned. Anyway, emergency room here I come! I dropped kids off so I can go by myself , but my oldest, Alex, wanted to go with me.  What a lovely kid. We make it there and my mind is not working the greatest and the nurse asks,  "How can I help you ?"  I am like I want to check myself in??? She's asks what's wrong and I tell her the left side of my face is not moving and its freaking me out. Let's just say they called me within 2 minutes and I was back in the ER in record time and the Doctor came. He looked at me and said you have Bells Palsy. What???  Am I supposed to know what that is? Well it is numbness to the one side of your face and it can last 2 weeks up to 6 months. I was prescribed steroids and an antibiotic. Well what causes this? They are not too sure, but it's from the chicken pox strain. "Great" I say and an hour later I am on my way home. Back to being bedridden and on heavy meds once again. I am so excited about this and what is the sign here....I am starting to think that I should start buying lotto tickets since I can't start on my part time job and my unemployment has ran out so what do I do now? Stressing or relaxing to fix my face?

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