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Taking control

Someone very close to me told me to focus on what I can control and not on what I can't. He told me this in the beginning of my treatment and honestly it didn't register till now on my car ride home from Tampa. After my second opinion and getting all the info I have decided to take control of my life and stop the 2 year maintenance. Which means for me that I will take care of myself and not really rely on anymore medicine being pumped into my body. Technically what does this mean for me, well my remission period will be shortened and when the cancer comes back we will adrdess it then. My cancer is slow growing and the doctors say's I will have another flare up, but by then new drugs should be around. I said good I am stopping and taking my life back. Moving forward and playing the mental game. Its all mental, focus on health and self healing and I will have a long healthy life. A huge weight has been lifted and I feel confident with my decision. Quality of life is more important to me than quantity. This is my decision and it may not be right for everyone but definitely know you need to be your own advocate. It's your life, don't be scared to question your doctor's or do research on your own. Take control because you can control your life.

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