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Meditation 101

Job hunting is stressful...the whole process of searching for a job, sending out a resume and then maybe, if you are lucky, you get a phone call or even an e-mail asking for a job interview. You respond and then the waiting begins until the interview where you start questioning all of your job experiences and job skills. What the "f", I have all the qualifications, but now I am in nervous mode doubting every skill that I thought I had. Finally, the interview happens and all goes well, or so I think, but my favorite line comes where they say thank you for your time and I will get back to you because I have 5 more people to interview.  I thank them and move on with my confidence deflated again. How does the title relate to meditation?  I am so stressed out that I finally decided to check another thing off my list of things to do so I found a class on and I joined the group, which in itself is a huge step for me. So I just broke out of my shell and opened up a whole new side of myself. I went to the class and walked in and asked the instructor if he could please give me the run down, because I am not sure if I can sit still for an hour just meditating. He gave me the breakdown, which intrigued me so I stayed and found a seat and waited for the class to begin. We opened with a Buddhist prayer and then off to our first meditation, which was guided and it was amazing. The Buddhist monk, yes a real actual monk lead the class! He talked us thru it, which was great.  I was able to clear my mind and find a zen place. I was able to focus on my breathing and all the nonsense in my head became even more clearer.....LOL!  Thank you for that. Anyway ,onto a Buddhist lesson which was powerful in itself and was about the finding of "me" what is I?  Yes, too profound to discuss in this blog post right now. After the lesson it was onto another mediation to focus on what was just discussed and man that was powerful for me. I had something in mind and I wanted it to be released and yes it was. The thought was being sucked in thru my nose and right out with my exhaled breath. After the class we reflected, which was nice and I drove home in the best mood ever jamming to  Mumford & Sons on Pandora station and having the clearest mind I've had in a long time. I highly recommend anyone to give this a whirl even if you are not stressed. It is definitely something to try and something to master. I cannot wait to go back so I have that same sense of peace.

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